Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mosquito Net PVC Frame

Summer camp is coming up and man I hate them bugs!

The previous frame I made was fine, but it didnt fit in the tent too
well, it seemed boxy and coffin-like. Because of the angle of the tent.
I was not using the headspace that I could have, so I re-designed my
frame to make a higher entry and using the shape of the tent as my guide.

These are my measurments, you can nip and tuck to suit your needs
or your cot size.


You will need 4 - 10ft pcs of 3/4" pvc pipe and fittings
10 "T's"
4 Elbows
4 End caps for legs

                                       Completed Project

I plan on hanging my tent fan and light from the middle
overhead crossbars
Picture #2
Picture #3
                   Cut a 2" pc of pvc to connect the elbow to the "t"
Mosquito Net PVC Frame

Cutting sizes:
Legs: 29" x 4
Top Leg Extension 18" x 2
End bars 30" x 2

Top Frame Assembly
horizontal pcs 25-1/2" x 4
horizontal pcs   5-1/2" x 4
Verticle Crossbar supports 34" x 3

to connect the "T" to the Elbows on the end you will
need to cut 2 pvc pieces 2". (see above picture#3 of the end assembly)

Hope you stay bug free!